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The benefits of TalkLife Workplace

Evidence based, impact focused & transparent

We are committed to engaging with research, demonstrating our impact and contributing to the evidence base for peer support. We are passionate about peer support and its potential to meet an increasing demand for mental health support. We want to put an end to people struggling alone and reach any employee who needs support. 

The benefits of peer support


The benefits of peer support are wide-ranging and well evidenced. Research has found that peer support is associated with improvements in mental health including greater happiness and self-esteem, and reductions in depression, loneliness and anxiety (Richard et al. 2022). Other research has found that peer support has the potential to improve physical functioning, quality of life and social functioning (Finnis et al. 2016). 

Research into the impact of workplace peer support has also found benefits including a reduction in sick leave and increased staff retention and wellbeing (Odeen et al. 2013, Sedivy et al. 2019). 

Why TalkLife Workplace? 


TalkLife is the only online peer support platform clinically proven to increase users confidence in their ability to manage their own mental health, and to reduce harmful behaviours (Kruzan et al. 2022). A recent study (Rickard et al. 2022) also placed TalkLife in the top ten of quality mental health apps, after scoring highly in areas including accessibility, security and privacy, and evidence and clinical base. 

  • 86% of our users find it easier to ask for help

  • 72% say their relationships have improved

  • 82% feel more understood

  • 79% feel more about to cope with life

Transparency in reporting


As part of measuring our impact, we conduct data analysis to understand the behaviours, trends and patterns within the TalkLife Workplace platform. You will receive quarterly de-identified reports that highlight current usage patterns, engagement levels and sentiment reporting. 

This allows you to take the pulse of your team, whilst maintaining confidentiality and the employees right to privacy. We uphold the highest data privacy standards, complying with relevant data security and privacy standards of the UK, Australia, US and the EU. Your company specific trends and data will also be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties. 

Supporting our partner companies


In addition to quarterly reports, our team is here to support you with building engagement and increasing awareness of TalkLife Workplace across your company. We will work closely with you to promote the service and provide you with the highest quality promotional campaigns and marketing materials. 

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