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About TalkLife

We build intelligent, global peer support platforms that offer safe, engaging places for millions of people to get support for their mental health. 


We built TalkLife Workplace specifically for employees and we’ve designed our service to ensure that companies can offer affordable protection and support for all their employees  round the clock.

Intuitive Design

User centric, beautiful design with regular updates, new features and a familiar feel ensure that our communities are spaces where people want to engage.

Clinical Excellence

Our blend of safe social networking is unique, upholding the highest safety standards and best practices whilst creating a warm, welcoming environment. Our platforms are professionally moderated with real-time escalation.


World Class Technology

Our machine learning classifiers underpin our platforms identifying in milliseconds when someone is at risk of harm. We are at the cutting edge of online peer support working with leading researchers across the world. 


We understand how important it is for mental health support to be simultaneously impactful, safe and engaging. 


Our global platform is diverse, accessible wherever your employees  are and ensures that whatever time of day they need us, there are others there waiting to support and listen. Employees use our peer support platform in over 26 languages, wherever they are in the world.

Why Peer Support? 

Social connection saves lives. Research shows us that bringing people together is the most protective factor against deteriorating mental health and suicidal feelings. The internet and it’s online disinhibition effect can ease people into taking those difficult first steps to seek support whilst transcending the geographical boundaries and connecting like minded people around the world. Moderation and enforced community guidelines ensure that our communities are healthy, safe places to be whilst also allowing for real communication, authenticity and not shying away from difficult topics.


What do our users say about us?

‘’Downloading this app was the best thing I could have done. It means the world knowing that people who don’t even know me are willing to be there for me if I need somebody."

‘’thank all of you for just being there 😊 doesn’t matter who, what, where or when I know I can send a message and have instant support from anyone on here xx’’

“Thank you so much! I really am glad I found this community of people to help. I’ve been feeling like there’s no one to help and I’m all alone and I haven’t wanted to bother anybody with it all but it’s been getting so hard, so thank you!”

‘’I’m so glad I’ve got this app now because it’s shown me people are in the same position as me’’.

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