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Who We Are

About TalkLife


TalkLife is an international mental health tech company specializing in building intelligent, global peer support platforms that offer safe, engaging places for millions of people to share the ups and downs of life.

We’re passionate about peer support because we’ve seen its impact first-hand. Our mental health solutions not only get used, but they also make a real, measurable change in people’s lives. In fact, 82% of our users feel more understood by others and 79% feel more able to cope with life since using the platform. Take it from them:

‘’Downloading this app was the best thing I could have done. It means the world knowing that people who don’t even know me are willing to be there for me if I need somebody."
‘’Thank all of you for just being there 😊 doesn’t matter who, what, where, or when I know I can send a message and have instant support from anyone on here."
“I really am glad I found this community of people to help. I’ve been feeling like there’s no one to help and I’m all alone and I haven’t wanted to bother anybody but it’s been getting so hard, so thank you!”

As a mental health company, we take impact and efficacy seriously. We work closely with some of the greatest minds in the field to understand how we can create impactful and relevant mental health support options for everyone. Read more about our research partners here.

About TalkLife Workplace

We know that employee mental health support is crucial. How your team feels impacts not only the atmosphere at work but also your company as a whole. Yet, fear of stigma and consequences often prevents employees from taking advantage of traditional mental health support at work. 


We built TalkLife Workplace specifically for employee support. Peer-to-peer allows your team to share and vent before problems escalate, or get support throughout their illness and recovery. 

With a user-friendly, affordable platform, we allow companies to support their employees’ mental health in an accessible way. We understand how important it is for mental health support for employees to be simultaneously impactful, safe, and engaging. And it shows: we support over 5 million lives across the globe, helping users with their struggles anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive design

Supporting mental health in the workplace shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on UX. We developed a user-centric, beautiful design with regular updates, new features, and a familiar feel to ensure our communities are spaces where people want to engage.

Clinical excellence
We’re not just a pretty face. Our blend of safe social networking is unique, upholding the highest safety standards and best practices whilst creating a warm, welcoming environment. Our mental health platforms are professionally moderated with real-time escalation.

World-class technology
As a mental health tech startup, we developed our platforms with a strong belief that combining human expertise and technology can help us create safer communities for everyone. Our machine-learning classifiers underpin our platforms identifying in milliseconds when someone is at risk of harm. We are at the cutting edge of online peer support working with leading researchers across the world. 

Global support
Our global platform is diverse, accessible wherever your workforce is based, and ensures that whatever time of day they need us, there are others there waiting to support and listen. Employees use our peer support platform in over 26 languages, wherever they are in the world.

What it means for you


We know you care about your team. But we also know times are tough, and you might think this shouldn’t be your priority right now. Here’s how supporting employee mental health with peer support can help your company thrive:

  • Increase employee engagement and staff retention

  • Reduce sick leave and absenteeism

  • Boosts employee wellbeing and, in turn, their motivation and productivity

  • Improve relationships between employees and boost team morale

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