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Why TalkLife Workplace?

More and more companies are offering mental health services to support their staff – and we love to see it! EAPs, or Employee Assistance Programmes, are the most well-known. These are benefit programs that help employees deal with personal issues. They tend to offer professional support such as counseling and access to professional helplines. 


However, EAPs often need some extra support when it comes to reaching employees and keeping them happy and engaged. Combining them with a more flexible solution can help you to achieve a broader appeal, higher engagement levels, and a tangible return on your investment. TalkLife Workplace gives a fresh look at a preventative, upstream mental health intervention.

Bridge the gap with TalkLife Workplace


Offer continuous support, 24/7

The workplace and mental health have a reciprocal relationship, where one inevitably impacts the other. As people spend most of their time at work, the workplace is uniquely positioned to offer early intervention, before problems begin to spiral. 


However, employees often don’t feel comfortable talking about their mental health at work. Many people even find it hard to have conversations about their mental health with their doctor. This can lead to people feeling isolated and alone.


TalkLife Workplace removes the barriers to accessing mental health support by giving employees a safe space to talk 24/7, where no one knows who they are or where they work. Their employer won’t know that they are using it either.


Create social connections

What’s unique about TalkLife Workplace is that it’s about social connection. We know that social connection provides a buffer against life's stressors and promotes overall psychological health and wellbeing, which can help to prevent burnout.


TalkLife Workplace instantly connects each and every employee to an online global peer support community. Here, they’ll find like-minded people available to talk at any time of the day or night, whether that’s talking about a mental health problem or just having a chat and connecting with another human being. It’s wrap-around emotional support when it’s needed the most. 


The best thing about this community is that people all around the world are willing to take a little bit of their time to give some advice, an opinion or support in general. It shows that they are interested not only in getting help, but in offering it too.


Don’t wait until it’s too late….

Your EAP is great when there’s already a clear problem or things have reached crisis point. However, at TalkLife Workplace, we do things a bit differently. We know that early intervention is crucial to catch problems before they start to spiral. That’s why we give our users a soft entry point into mental health support before things begin to escalate. 


TalkLife Workplace is always available and employees can join in the conversation, even when they don’t have an obvious mental health problem. That might mean sharing about what happened on a bad day, relationship problems or work pressures. Our community is supportive and validates other users' emotions, giving people the confidence to reach out for professional support if they do need it. 


This community helps me a lot with clearing out my mind whenever I feel sad, lonely, or even when I want to vent. I'm an introvert so I struggle to make connections in real life. I like how there are people who actually want to help others and they listen to me.


Forget concerns about confidentiality

Employees can sometimes have concerns about confidentiality when trying to access Employee Assistance Programmes. Many think they need to go through HR or their line manager to request access and feel too anxious or embarrassed to do so. There can also be fears about how much of what they say will be shared with their employer and whether it might affect their career prospects. This can prevent someone from seeking help.


The stigma around mental health is still very real. TalkLife Workplace is anonymous and the company doesn’t have to grant individual access. Employers also won’t be able to tell if an individual employee is using it. This allows your team to access the service without any fear of shame or judgement.


Offer flexible support

There will be many employees who simply don’t want to access traditional EAP services such as counseling. Not everyone wants or feels ready to invest their time and energy into intense 1:1 sessions. 


Quite often, what people do want is a space to feel heard and understood. They need to know that it’s ok to feel the way that they do, and that they’re not alone in their struggles. That’s what they’ll find at TalkLife Workplace.


The best thing about this community is being able to be real and say what's really on my mind with little filters. Things I can't express well to my therapist.


Raise awareness among employees

Many companies offer EAPs, yet a 2021 study showed that nearly 50% of employees don’t know what’s available. That’s mainly because EAPs don’t tend to promote their services, which can lead to a lack of awareness about mental health support options.


Here at TalkLife Workplace, we help you promote the platform with extensive resources. We really want all your employees to use it!  We have dedicated account managers who do all the heavy lifting and produce high-quality marketing materials for employers to use. This boosts engagement by ensuring your employees know who we are, what we do, and where to find us.


Get more reporting and transparency

It's hard to know if you're getting value for money when you don't get extensive feedback and statistics about your traditional mental health services.


TalkLife Workplace offers quarterly reporting, so you know how many of your employees are using the platform and how much bang you’re getting for your buck. You’ll also get insights into the mental health trends in your company.

Now, for the burning questions…


Can TalkLife Workplace work with an existing EAP?

Yes, TalkLife Workplace wraps around any existing EAP plan, plugging the gaps and creating a soft entry point for mental health support. We can also embed signposting to your existing EAP resources within the platform.

It’s also a great option for international and other remote teams, where social connection might be challenging. Did you know we support 26 languages? We can plug your team into a global support network where they can speak to people just like them.


Can TalkLife Workplace be used on its own?

Yes, TalkLife Workplace holds its own as an affordable stand-alone mental health support option. This can work well for a small local business or a large company. TalkLife Workplace is scalable and it grows with you. 

We’ve had great feedback from smaller companies that need a mental health support option but don’t have the budget for an EAP. They really appreciate the continuous aspect of the support they get here and the fact it’s available anytime, anywhere, even when the office is closed. 

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