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24/7 peer-to-peer support for employee mental health

🌎 Global community  🗣️ 26 languages  🥷🏽 Completely anonymous
🌟 Enhances traditional EAP services  🛟 Clinical safeguarding


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Supporting millions of people across 5 continents & 26 languages, TalkLife Workplace is the perfect solution for your business, whether your employees are onsite or remote. We cover a range of employee demographics with a global community that is truly diverse.

EAPs are great, but perhaps your team needs something a little bit... different?  


Trusted by 220+ world leading organisations


"I just wanted to say that I'm so happy to be part of such a supportive community here so thank you! Being able to share how I'm feeling and talking with others has really helped me and I just want to let you know that I'm here if anyone needs to talk"


Anonymous Employee

1st December, 2022


The evidence is strong.
Peer support works. 

TalkLife Workplace has been clinically proven to improve someone’s belief that they can feel better. The more people use our peer support, the less likely they are to engage in harmful behaviours.

Support your team's mental health 

20% of your workforce are struggling with their mental health right now. Up to 80% of them won't seek help (ONS, 2019). We make sure people don't struggle alone with relevant, accessible, anonymous support. 


TalkLife Workplace at a glance

  • 24/7 instant online support

  • Journaling & mood tracking

  • Wellbeing library

  • Clinical self-directed modules

  • Access from any device

  • 6-8 week peer support training

  • Embed existing services and EAPs

  • Full marketing support

  • De-identified reporting




of people find it easier to ask for help when they need it


of people feel more understood by others


of people feel more able to cope with life


When it comes to mental health, one size doesn’t fit all

Mental health looks different for everyone. Some people don’t feel comfortable talking to a counsellor, others don’t feel their problems are bad enough, even though they’re keeping them up at night. Fear of stigma, consequences, or simply of the unknown are all very real. Peer support is a soft entry point to help people start talking and stop bottling it up.


TalkLife Workplace from end-to-end

Privacy first

Fast global support

We’re always here. Anytime, any day, anywhere. Wherever your team is based we provide easily accessible, real-time support across 26 languages.

Opening up about your mental health can be nerve-racking enough without the fear your data is being shared. Here your data matters. We will never share your employee's data and adhere to strict industry privacy and security standards. We know this is important, and we take it incredibly seriously. Just ask Mark, our DPO.   

World class safeguarding

Upstream engagement

Upstream support, an engaging and relevant platform that employees want to use. Familiar and intuitive, we support people to take those first steps to reaching out that feels welcoming, safe and real.

10+ years keeping online communities safe. Our professional Trust and Safety team combine clinical and content experts moderating in real-time. Identifiable information is instantly removed and conversations are kept on track. We don't allow people to name their workplace, or details that could identify them or others. Our team ensure that the community is healthy and supportive.


Next-level account management

It's fair to say we're a touch passionate about peer support. Our accounts team goes over and above to ensure your team knows how to effectively deploy Workplace. Copy, design, campaigns, strategy…we have it all covered.

Embed any existing HR and employee wellbeing or benefits services in-app.
We provide intelligent signposting alongside our verified 24/7 crisis support partners and global resources.


It’s not just us…Experts love us too!

“TalkLife is providing a revolutionary way to reach people who are not engaging with existing services. It’s critical that we do more to reach those who are outside of the existing frameworks and connect them with relevant, timely support.”


Professor Matthew Nock
Department of Psychology, Harvard University

Our research partners


Integral to our mission is our commitment to furthering research and the understanding of mental health and wellbeing. We believe that research is critical to the creation of impactful and relevant support options and that much is still unknown about the intersection of nonsuicidal self injury and suicidal self injury behaviours and the internet. We work with a number of world leading researchers undertaking key research questions to further the evidence base in this field whilst also having tangible practical application and impact.

We'd love to hear from you

We're ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have. Want a full walkthrough of how TalkLife Workplace works? Do you want to discuss pricing and a launch plan (if you're ready)? How about if TalkLife Workplace is the right fit for your team? Add the relevent info below and we'll be back in touch ASAP.


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