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TalkLife Workplace is instant, free support for your mental health
Completely anonymous - your workplace won’t know you are receiving support. Connect with a global community of other working professionals and talk to like minded people about your struggles.

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What is TalkLife Workplace?

A Global Mental Health Support Network

Kept Safe by Professionals

Connect in up to 26 Different Languages

Completely Anonymous and a Safe Space

App & Web Based

Instant Support, Available 24/7

Don't Struggle Alone


A global mental health
support network

TalkLife Workplace is...

Your place. We will never share that you are using TalkLife Workplace with your employer or tell them anything about your content, ever. 

This is your community to get instant support anytime of the day and night. We know life can be incredibly tough. Ongoing stressors exist on multiple fronts, and feeling burnt out from your work or personal life is not uncommon.

We're here for the moments when you just need connection and a listening ear. Talk anonymously to others around the world going through the exact same struggles you are


Easy to download &
access via web & app

TalkLife Workplace is...

Tell us what’s on your mind. Download TalkLife Workplace today and signup using your work email address which will unlock the app free of charge for you. Your employer won’t know that you are using the platform and you can remain anonymous. You will be asked to verify your email before posting. Read details of our privacy policy here.


Instant support
available 24/7

TalkLife Workplace is...

Anytime, any day, anywhere. 


Whether you're in the office, working remotely, out of state or abroad, our community of support is always here for you, day or night.

Are you in a crisis?

TalkLife Workplace is not an emergency service and is not able to help with immediate crisis situations. If you are experiencing thoughts of harming yourself and you are not sure if you can keep yourself safe, peer support might not be the best option for you right now. If you, or someone you know, needs immediate help please see here for a full list of resources near you.


TalkLife Workplace

Talk to people that get you.

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