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Instant, affordable & anonymous support for employee mental health.

A global 24/7 peer mental health support network for employees, combining world class technology, intuitive design and clinical excellence. TalkLife proudly supports over 5 million lives.


I'm here
for you


We'll help you get through it


How can I help? Be strong.


Tell me about it. I've been there

Michelle L
Feeling Anxious
10 mins ago

I'm having one of those days. Just feelin' a lot of pressure...


Supporting over 5 million people & trusted by 200+ Partners, Universities & Colleges

Supporting millions of people across 5 continents & 26 languages, TalkLife Workplace is the perfect solution for large businesses and small businesses alike, whether your employees are onsite or remote. We cover a range of employee demographics with a global community that is truly diverse.

The evidence is strong. Peer support works.


of users find it easier to ask for help when they need it


feel more understood by others


feel more able to cope with life

Engaging, anonymous, real-time support


Support your team's mental health 
20% of your workforce are struggling with their mental health right now. Up to 80% of them won't seek help (ONS, 2019). We make sure people don't struggle alone with relevant, accessible, anonymous support. 

The power of social connection 

We connect likeminded people around the world and empower them to give and get support. All within an engaging community built from the ground up for mental health. 
We cann

Safe & Supportive

Real-time 24/7 professional safeguarding, clinical escalation and groundbreaking AI. TalkLife Workplace is monitored round the clock. 



When "the lot"
is just part of the package.

Employees are struggling with higher levels of anxiety and feelings of isolation than ever before.

TalkLife Workplace offers an end to end solution combining upstream support with real-time crisis escalation that is integrated with your existing wellbeing framework. We bring people together from across the globe and combine this with our state of the art machine learning, built in collaboration with MIT and Harvard University to offer users intelligent peer support that is intuitively designed, engaging and safe.




Open transparent reporting - we offer extensive de-identified quarterly reporting across both engagement and sentiment on the platform. This enables you to take the pulse of your team whilst ensuring they retain their privacy and anonymity. 

Fast Support

We’re always there. Anytime, any day, anywhere. Wherever your team are based we provide easily accessible in the moment support that moves with them via web or app. 

World Class Moderation

Built in collaboration with the world's best minds in mental health. Real-time human in the loop moderation averaging 15 second response times. It's intelligent moderation built to scale across large populations. 

Our team offer a unique and critical combination of Trust and Safety specialists and clinicians. 

TalkLife Workplace from end-to-end.


Intervene early

Provide support early before problems escalate. Peer support is a fantastic upstream entry point to encourage someone to reach out for the first time. 

Embed any existing HR and employee wellbeing or benefits services in-app. We provide intelligent signposting alongside our verified 24/7 crisis support partners and global resources.



Worldwide Support

TalkLife Workplace provides support to employees wherever they are, localised across 26 languages with a diverse community


What TalkLife Workplace Users are saying


“I feel grateful to the platform and the people I met here. After a rough day (which is still not over), I am asked if I am alright. Feels so nice.”

TalkLife Anonymous User


“I'm glad I found this app... I feel like I'm being seen for the first time in a while. I'm glad I found friend that can relate to my journey as well."

TalkLife Anonymous User


"Have a great weekend everyone. I'm having a good time on this app, it's honestly helped me feel better about my mental health. Sending love and hugs to whoever needs it."

TalkLife Anonymous User


"Thank you to all the wonderful people that have supported me on this app. I was feeling a little bit down but every time that I open up on this it makes me feel better. ”

TalkLife Anonymous User


"This app has become my new comfort place. No one judges you and you can vent however you want. I really appreciate it, it's more like a family."

TalkLife Anonymous User


"Do you know how many people feel heard, appreciated, supported and straight up visible because of TalkLife Workplace? People will always need a community like this.

TalkLife Anonymous User


Volunteering on TalkLife Workplace

Up-skill your team to build psychologically supportive workplaces. 

Volunteering has significant benefits for mental health and our flexible 6-8 week programme teaches new skills and increases confidence in supporting people who may be struggling with their mental health.
Key topics include how to really listen, convey empathy online and offer a virtual space for someone to feel accepted and understood. 
Once trained, volunteers are part of our volunteer community with regular ongoing training, 24/7 support and clinical supervision. 

What industry professionals are saying


“TalkLife is providing a revolutionary way to reach people who are not engaging with existing services. It’s critical that we do more to reach people who are outside of the existing frameworks and connect them with relevant, timely support.”

Professor Matthew Nock
Department of Psychology
Harvard University


“The lives of people always involves risks, but risks can turn into crises. TalkLife is the first Mental Health Service that provides support around the clock, and for all levels of need, including crises”

Dr Richard Graham
Digital Psychiatrist


"There is a real need for services that not only provide a safe, supportive environment for support but that are also engaging and that people want to use. Critically, TalkLife offers both."

Dr Janis Whitlock
Department of Psychology
Cornell University


“The platform has been well received with feedback highlighting that the platform offers a safe space to talk through emotions. From our first demo right through to the present day, the team have been efficient and responsive in supporting the launch to the University of London, which has 50,000 students all over the world.”

Georgina Jeronymides-Norie
Student Experience Manager
University of London Worldwide

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