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Helm offers founders mental health support that goes the extra mile

We’re delighted to partner with Helm to offer members and their companies access to a 24/7 peer support network to talk about the ups and downs of life.

Helm partners with TalkLife Workplace

Helm is an exclusive club for the founders of scale-up companies. Working with inspiring businesses such as TOG, The Drum, and First Mile, its mission is to connect like-minded entrepreneurs in a welcoming, forward-thinking community.

Putting the spotlight on founders’ mental health

The founders' network is all about taking care of its members as a place to find inspiration, get business support, and share with other founders. The entrepreneurial journey can be a particularly stressful time, and fostering connection is a way to alleviate that pressure.

With mental health awareness month coming up, the Helm team recognized they wanted to do more in the way of supporting their members’ mental health. They knew that entrepreneurs face on average a 50% higher risk of having a mental health condition and are twice as likely to struggle with depression.

As growing businesses, the club members also face the challenge of supporting their expanding workforce effectively, offering them relevant mental health services and helpful benefits.

“A peer group that gets it”

The entrepreneurial network describes itself as “a peer group that gets it,” so peer support was a concept the team already knew and valued. TalkLife Workplace felt like the perfect fit when it came to finding a mental health service for their members.

TalkLife Workplace is a global 24/7 mental health support platform for professionals, where like-minded individuals share and support each other through the ups and downs of life. The network uses peer support to build a positive, engaging community on a user-friendly platform people actually want to use.

Innovation and impact are the two key values that drive Helm. They found them reflected in the combination of world-class technology, intuitive design, and clinical excellence that underlies TalkLife Workplace.

We are delighted to be partnering with Helm and supporting their members with their mental health. The founder's journey is, by its very nature, defined by challenges and ups and downs. It can be isolating and hard to find places and moments to open up and share what’s keeping you awake at night. TalkLife Workplace is there to be that safe sounding board and help people to talk about feelings before they escalate. It’s upstream support that lets you anonymously start the conversation and continue to get support when you need it most. We’re really excited to be working with Andreas and the team at Helm!

– Jennifer Russell, COO at TalkLife

Joining the community

Helm’s 500+ members and their employees can now access TalkLife Workplace to connect with a community of over 5 million users with support in 26 languages. The online platform is accessible from mobile and desktop, so they have a place to share anonymously anytime, anywhere.

TalkLife Workplace is the perfect solution for scaleup companies that have to deal with the pressures of fast development and a growing workforce. With flexible support, extensive mental health resources, and next-level account management, they can offer their team the help they need as they grow.

As a serial founder, I understand the importance of prioritizing mental health when faced with overwhelming challenges. That's why I am thrilled to announce our partnership with TalkLife Workplace, a valuable resource that will now be offered to our members and their hardworking teams.

“Scaleup founders are likely to encounter a multitude of difficulties on their exciting journey. The stress of managing a rapidly expanding workforce, navigating financial challenges, and planning for exit strategies can all take a toll on your mental wellbeing.

“Through our partnership with TalkLife Workplace, we are extending a helping hand to founders in need so they can confidentially and anonymously discuss their feelings and challenges. Additionally, our members can share this resource with their teams, regardless of size, to foster healthier, more inclusive environments that prioritize mental health as a central pillar of the company's culture.

“We believe that diversity, openness, and inclusivity are essential components of a thriving workplace, and we are proud to support our members in building teams that uphold and cherish these values. By partnering with TalkLife, we hope to create a community of support and care that empowers founders and their teams to succeed both professionally and personally.”

– Andreas Adamides, CEO at Helm

Learn more about TalkLife Workplace and book a demo with one of our friendly account managers.


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