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Our Story

Mental health is more relevant than ever but getting support is costly, with long waiting times and associated stigma. That’s why we’ve built a new kind of social network, so that nobody needs to battle with their mental health alone. 


From small beginnings we have grown our peer support communities to support millions of people across the world. TalkLife was founded in 2012 and has since grown from a safe space to share life's ups and downs to sophisticated, award-winning, intelligent peer support platforms, spanning 125 countries and over 26 languages. 


We inspire authenticity, and offer the opportunity to talk about how life really is. A non judgemental place where you can start talking about your mental health and feel good about it. Where like minded people come together, support each other and experience the benefits of real social connection. 


We’ve brought together the leading minds across technology, mental health and innovation to build platforms that are groundbreaking in their ability to harness the very best of technology and the internet to foster social connection, nurture peer support and protect and escalate at scale. Our global team combines decades of experience across mental health, engineering, design and Trust and Safety. 


TalkLife, TalkLife Workplace and TalkCampus have enabled us to reach those who have previously gone unnoticed and get vital support directly to people when they need it the most.

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